December 3, 2022

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Basic Information About K-beauty

Who hasn’t heard of Korean cosmetics today? The offer of beauty products from South Korea on the modern market is huge, so the popularity is fully justified. Asian women boast perfect skin. But what is the secret here – in magical cosmetics, or are genetics, environment, climate, nutritional characteristics the determining factors? Is the effectiveness of K-beauty products an incredibly successful marketing policy or is it really some kind of unique recipe, unprecedented technologies and rare ingredients? The benefits of Korean cosmetics – is it a myth or reality?

How it all started

The beginning of the active expansion of cosmetic brands from South Korea to the markets of Europe and the USA was the period of the appearance of the famous BB cream. It was he who conquered professional make-up artists, their clients and gained the status of the favorite of the home arsenal of “decoratives” for most women and girls. The absolute triumph of BB cream formed the basis of future success. Thus, the myth was dispelled that Korean cosmetics only work with Asian skin types, which for a long time “muddy the waters” and provoked skepticism in the women’s ranks.

In fact, Korean cosmetologists have never set a goal to create products based solely on race. Agree, this is not the most successful strategy, because it significantly narrows the consumer circle. And the task of any brand is to win as many buyers as possible. But is everything so cloudless? What is Korean cosmetics really? Pros and cons – what more?

Pros of k-beauty 

Korean cosmetics manufacturers focus on the natural composition of their beauty products. Indeed, in many products, most of the ingredients are organic. There are also real exclusives, for example:

➔     pearl and diamond powder;

➔     gold and platinum;

➔     snake poison;

➔     extracts of swallow’s nests and rare plants, etc.

It is the presence of unusual components that makes Korean cosmetics so popular and in demand. This is her definite plus. As well as the use of the most modern technologies. A number of brands successfully combine ancient recipes and innovations, paying tribute to progress and at the same time returning to unique beauty recipes with a thousand-year history.

Another undoubted positive aspect of Korean cosmetics is its versatility. Many creams, toners, lotions and emulsions can be used on different skin types without age restrictions, including the most sensitive. But at the same time, manufacturers also develop individual lines in strict accordance with the needs of oily, dry, problematic, normal, fading, pigmented dermis.

The advantages of K-beauty do not end there. It is impossible not to note one more important detail – the incredible, sometimes fantastic creativity in the packaging design. Do not count in total:

➔     funny muzzles of animals;

➔     stylization for cocktail glasses;

➔     convenient sticks of different formats, from traditional to miniature pyramids;

➔     just very beautiful jars-bottles, which themselves ask for a hand;

➔     laconic minimalism “under pharmaceutical cosmetics” 

A showcase with beauty products from South Korean brands looks very attractive. Impossible to pass! And products in miniatures are generally a godsend in order to try several and choose the best option from a variety of products combined into one large segment called “Korean cosmetics”. The advantages of miniature probes are obvious! 

Price is not always an indicator of quality. There is no objective evidence that cosmetics from a more expensive manufacturer are superior in effectiveness or composition to products of a more democratic level. Therefore, even if the financial possibilities are modest, you can still buy Korean cosmetics.