May 21, 2024

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Hips always tight? Core strengthening can help

Carrie Jose

Tight hip flexors are the second most common complaint I hear – right after tight hamstrings. Chronically tight hip flexors are annoying, achy, and they often contribute to lower back pain. When your hips are tight, it can be painful or uncomfortable to walk, run, play golf, exercise, and even stand up straight.

Typically, the recommended treatments for this problem include lots of stretching, foam rolling, massage, and myofascial release. But what if none of that works? What if no matter how often you stretch, the tightness just keeps coming back? 

If this is happening to you, muscle tightness is likely not your problem. The tightness you feel could be due to overworking of your hip flexors because something else is weak. And the common culprit is often weakness in your core.