July 20, 2024

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“I am not anti-vax, I’m not anti-medicine, I am not anti-science” : Orlando Magic Rising Star Jonathan Isaac addresses his stance on the Covid-19 Vaccinations.

“I am not anti-vax, I’m not anti-medicine, I am not anti-science” : Orlando Magic Rising Star Jonathan Isaac addresses his stance on the Covid-19 Vaccinations.

Jonathan Isaac said he’s not anti-vax but believes it should be a personal choice for each individual to make without criticism.

On Orlando Magic’s Media Day, Jonathan Isaac answered questions regarding his decision to not get the COVID-19 vaccine. The 23-year-old came out and took a strong stance against reports that he was an anti-vaxxer.

His response came days after he was labeled “proudly unvaccinated” in a Rolling Stones article on the NBA’s anti-vaxxers. He was not happy as he felt there was a misinterpretation of his comments earlier.

Jonathan Isaac doubled down on his stance on Covid vaccinations.

Here is what he had to say on the matter.

“I simply believe that it should be everyone’s individual right to make a decision on their vaccination status themselves without being pressure, without being bullied, without being forced into doing so”

One of his main reasons for not being vaccinated is because he already has had the COVID virus in the past. He goes on to say the following.

“With me having COVID before and our understanding of anti-bodies and natural immunity still growing — and has changed pretty tremendously from the onset of the pandemic — taking the vaccine would decrease my chances of having severe symptoms if I was to catch COVID.

But given the fact that I’ve had COVID before, I have antibodies. My age group, my current physical fitness level, [COVID] is not necessarily a fear of mine.”

This isn’t something that you’d exactly call a popular opinion. However, it seems Cole Anthony does support his decision, saying this on the topic.

“He’s a grown man. I’m a grown man. He’s gonna do what’s best for him; I’m gonna do what’s best for me… At the end of the day, we’re teammates, I’m supporting him through thick and thin.”

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Orlando Magic star Jonathan Isaac makes Donald Trump reference when talking about Vaccine stance.

Isaac’s reason for refusing to get vaccinated is strict because he had contracted COVID-19 before. He also did not form these opinions by thinking about black history or watching Donald Trump.


Simply put, while he is personally against vaccinations for himself, he doesn’t look to influence anyone else’s opinion. The player has made it abundantly clear that he isn’t an anti-vaxxer.  He just doesn’t want it. That’s all.

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No matter what the circumstances, there is pressure on him in the upcoming season. Even more so after this.

Hopefully, he comes back healthy from his ACL injury and proves that he is the real deal, and blossoms into one of the best defensive wings in the league…. if and when he is actually able to return to the court.