September 23, 2023

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Meditate with Urmila: The feeling version

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We may think that our life is compartmentalised; we may consider finances, health, career, spirituality, relationships as separate segments, we may consider past, present and future as disconnected aspects, we may consider our thoughts and feelings as different from our words, actions and reactions, but underneath, all are inter-related. This is by way of feelings that run across timelines, events and people.

Feelings determine actions, reactions, moods and all subtle behavioural energies. There is an unbroken connection between one’s feelings and one’s projected world. In changing what one desires to change, one has to cultivate the required feelings. For example, in switching from the emotion of desperation to inspiration, the feelings of inspiration must be brought in. This new shift then becomes ‘the’ point of attraction from where one starts calling newer actual events/situations, newer realities, based on the governing inspiration-frequency.

“Feeling is the secret”, said Neville Goddard, an influential mystic-teacher. Feeling is the language of communication with all, including the universe. Words, unless imbued with feelings, remain hollow phrases.

Affirmations and feelings

Affirmations hold potency when words are felt and believed because there’s a vibrational match. In case there’s contradiction between what one is saying as affirmations but believing differently, then newer conditions will not be created as feelings are not created yet. The subconscious mind, where feelings are received, only knows the delivery of the ruling feelings associated with an idea or affirmation. Contradictory feelings will yield contradictory outer/visible outcomes.

Let’s say, I repeatedly affirm, “I am prosperous,” however, prosperity will escape me, if I continue to hold and broadcast contradictory feelings as: “I can’t get prosperous as business environment is bad”, or “if I get prosperous, people will start asking money from me”, or “money will bring fights in my family,” or “I fear I won’t be able to handle prosperity, I may develop bad habits,” etc. These feelings of resistance will prevent desired manifestation.

Feelings tell your accurate story; what is going at the sub-conscious level. Here’s another example, I may say/ think/ affirm: “I deserve this job promotion,” but feelings run counter: “If I get promoted, I will have to take extra work that comes with the role.” This may build up to, “I will have less time for my family and me’ or ‘less time to pursue my hobby, entertainment’. Or, ‘I doubt if I can handle new responsibility efficiently’, or promotion will put me in a different site with extra driving hours,” etc.

At the subconscious level, one may continue to feel unsettled and broadcast this vibration with the result, no promotion.

How to settle?

The simplest way of shifting a feeling is to ‘pretend’. Pretend that you already have what you desire. Particular to the above example, cultivate the feeling of being settled, satisfied and happy in new role. Ask: How will I be or behave, feel or act, as I am in the promoted role? Ask: How do I feel now? Fulfilled? Bring that fulfilment feeling into the now and hold on it (‘the’ point of attraction). The subconscious mind will pick the feeling and deliver (the outer/visible reality). Subconscious mind doesn’t go selective or discriminate or judge but faithfully delivers whatever the heightened feeling is.

This practice comes with a sweetener; you don’t have to figure it all out, on the ‘how’; ’How will it all happen?’ You don’t have to figure out all about aircraft engineering to fly or car parts to drive. You simply focus on building the belief; like the positive belief of sun rises in the east.

Heightened feelings drive actions and events of an individual’s day, life; events are effects, not the causes. Causes exist at the subconscious level and can be changed at that level. The change will impact all segments of life and timelines.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her email: [email protected]