June 13, 2024

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Meditate with Urmila: The purpose of emotions


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Emotions provide flavours of life. It offers sweetness and bitterness, feelings of pain and pleasure, experience of love and absence of love and so on. In between, there is a range of varied tastes.

Emotions: Purpose and Invocation

Emotions help in building relationships with all creations of nature; it brings alchemy and changes one from the core, towards growth and expansion of consciousness. Growth requires the alchemy of emotions. For example, when bitterness changes to sweetness, it packs in a journey of experience/s, felt by way of feelings and bodily sensations.

Every emotion has its form, nature and essence. To connect with the essence of an emotion, one has to invoke that emotion-energy. The invocation is the call to connect. For example, in calling upon ‘happiness’, the very thought of it brings sensations in the body. In calling upon the emotion of anger, it comes. Emotions readily respond to one’s call/invocation, whether it is called upon unconsciously or consciously.

But why does unhelpful/limiting/negative emotions respond quickly and stay on longer, one can wonder. Well, it may seem so; limiting emotions become so overpowering simply because you choose to give attention to them. By sheer force of attention, a negative emotion stays and overpowers. It is to be known that energies exist in neutral form. It changes form in response to your intention/wish and attention. If you wish to invoke joy and peace, you infuse them with your intention and build further with thoughts and words.

When you invoke an emotion-energy or when it gets invoked unconsciously, it gets further charged with vibrations existing within that range. For example, anger may get infused with energies of blame, hatred etc fuelling it more, peace and joy can get infused with appreciation and clarity getting more strength.

Possible to change

It is possible to change the form of an emotion-energy; go back to the emotional alchemical process, add more charge of what you desire and it shall respond accordingly. An emotion can be directed, its energy-form can be constructed, reconstructed and rearranged. This is done with intending, re-intending and reinforcing with attention.

For example, disappointment can be turned around to optimism by thinking and feeling optimistic. Despair can be turned around by invoking the emotion of hope.

Our life-journey is towards the positive (end) and turning to feeling good is the goal. Humans are mostly hooked at the opposite end, that of negatives/ limitations.

Movement from the limiting to the positive-enabling-empowering end is a transition process which is challenging. For example, moving from chronic anxiety to calmness may not be easy. This calls for energy-invocation of perseverance and patience for a smooth switch. The more we build relationship with an emotion-energy, whatever end it belongs, stronger the bond is. Greater the bond, faithful is the response to invocation.

Using emotions in balance

Emotion- energies are intelligent and conscious; all have a role, a purpose to play in human growth. It is the human intent- in unconscious or conscious manner- that an emotion-energy gets misused, overused or abused, stripping it from its core purpose, in which, humans create imbalances in their own life. For example, in overusing sorrow, guilt, resentment, one literally shortens their life.

All emotions we know of, exists in us, either in latent, semi-activated or in activated form. It is up to us which ones we want to activate and when. Our intellect is for that purpose. Two opposite emotions can’t exist at the same time. Humans have inbuilt mechanism to intuit one feeling from the other. This inner guidance stands to be utilised to switch to productive-positive-direction for growth and involution.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her email: [email protected]