May 21, 2024

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Mount Carmel system helps mother, daughter

From left to right, Shirley Turner, 85, and her daughter Diane Turner Jackson, 66,  joined Mount Carmel's Diabetes Prevention Program, which helped reverse their prediabetes through a yearlong program that includes regular check-ins with a health coach.

A number of decades back, Diane Turner Jackson went to the drug retail store to select up medication for her uncle and was offered insulin.

Confused, she confronted him about his sickness, but he pleaded ignorance.

It was only when Turner Jackson openedEddie Parker’s closet doorway did it dawn on her that her uncle had been dwelling with Type 2 diabetic issues for an untold quantity of years and experienced expertly saved his issue top secret from loved ones and close friends.

Inside of the closet had been dozens on dozens of unused syringes and bottles entire of insulin.

“They have been mailing it to him and he was placing it in his closet,” Turner Jackson said, sitting down on the sofa of her South Linden property that she shares with her mother.