June 14, 2024

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Overall health and Wellness A few strategies to protect your knees as you age

Carrie Jose

Knee discomfort is the 2nd most typical musculoskeletal criticism powering again discomfort. It impacts one particular-third of all People in america at one particular time or yet another – and its prevalence has increased significantly in excess of the final 20 decades.

These figures suggest that it is much more significant than ever to obtain strategies to shield your knees as you age – so you can keep on performing things you love – primarily if you want to stay away from important procedures or surgical procedures. 

Below are a few guidelines to assist you protect your knees as you age – so that you can continue to be lively and cellular as you age – and ideally prevent major techniques and surgical treatment: 

Improve your Hips and Core 

Your knee joint is positioned just beneath your hips and core. And medical doctors have observed by way of analysis that when you have weak management of your upper leg muscles – you get extra tension by way of your knee joint. The toughness of your higher leg muscles is very a lot dependent on your hip and core toughness.