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Self-care tips while battling seasonal depression this winter

Self-care tips while battling seasonal depression this winter

For those who battle with seasonal depression, self-care and love can be harder during the winter months.

ST. LOUIS — The colder temperatures have officially made their way into the St. Louis region, and several people may find themselves fighting seasonal depression. Now is the best time to put yourself first and show yourself love and care.

5 On Your Side has come up with a few simple ways to make sure you take care and love yourself despite the depression the colder weather can bring. 

Declutter your life 

“A cluttered home is a cluttered mind.” 

If you haven’t done so, get rid of old stuff you don’t need or want anymore and make space for the new. 

There is a connection between how you feel and how much clutter is around. Clear your mind and replenish your soul with new, clean spaces to bring in new items or ideas. Let go of old, outdated things you no longer want or need.

According to Homes & Gardens, a digital design, decoration and style magazine, a few ways to declutter your life include allocating time to declutter; nominating five critical areas of your space to declutter; making a list and taking before and after photos; getting donation, recycling, or “sell” bags ready; shopping for storage to organize what you keep neatly; and finding new places for better storage at home. 

For example, start with single areas to declutter such as a linen closet or a dresser drawer one day at a time. Although decluttering these spaces are small accomplishments, it can have a large impact on your mood and energy.

Don’t forget to get under those bathroom sinks or medicine cabinets; kitchenware and kitchen cabinets; silverware drawers, and even the pantry. Clear all of that out! 

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Keep nails, hair and skin protected

Use butter, creams, oils, or lotions on your body and face to protect your skin during harsher weather. Your skin can be more prone to cracking, dryness, and itchiness during the colder season. 

You can keep a batch of moisturizer in your purse, your office desk, your car glove compartment, and near your bed on the nightstand. This can ensure that you keep your hands, face and body feeling nice and healthy.

Oil cuticles on fingers and toes to keep your nails looking good and feeling good. 

According to Byrdie, a skin, hair, and fragrance digital magazine, the best cuticle creams of 2022 are among Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream on Amazon for $18; Dior Creme Abricot Nail Creme at Dillards.com for $30; Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream at Sephora for $15; and Mario Badescu Skin Care Cuticle Cream on Amazon for $10. To view more, click here.  

Also, ensure the ends of your hair are moisturized and protected from cold air and brutal wind. This act of self-care can prevent breakage, damage and split ends. This part of your hair is more prone to being exposed to the outdoor elements such as snow, rain or wind. 

According to Allure, a beauty, and cosmetics service, Living Proof restore, a repair leave-in conditioner is made to strengthen and transform your hair for $30; Garnier Whole Blends rebuilding shampoo strives to improve and mend dry, damaged hair for $6; and John Masters Organics hair mask with rose and apricot for $29 are among the best treatments for split ends that’ll make your hair look healthier

According to BeautyRX by Dr. Shultz, additional tips for winter skincare include:

  • Using a humidifier
  • Moisturizing right after a shower
  • Avoiding hot showers if possible

But, if you must take a hot shower, make sure you use moisturizer in the steamy bathroom, so your skin doesn’t get dry before you even reach the door. 

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Double down on your routines 

The morning routine that we all, women and men included, implemented during the summer should be continued as it is equally essential during the winter months, possibly even more important.

Americans are more prone to mood, emotional and mental health difficulties due to the colder temperatures. 

Whether than worrying about the weather outside, having a morning and night routine can keep you focused on yourself and what matters to you. 

For example, getting up, making your bed, washing your face, and brushing your teeth could seem like simple tasks to complete in the morning. But these tasks can be a lot to tackle for some struggling with mood or mental disorders compounded by chiller weather.

Even walking the dog, feeding the cat, or making breakfast can be a struggle. If there is more cloud-cover, rain or snow and less vibrance from the flowers or trees you can feel unmotivated and unenthusiastic about starting your day.

The routine to make sure you take care of those simple things can make a difference and make you happy that you achieved it.

In addition, some people could be more prone to the flu and other sickness. Through the winter months, make sure you’re getting vitamin D, C, E and B. Also, iron, fish oil, and probiotics can help fight off illness. Possibly keeping a pack of Emergen-C wouldn’t be a bad idea to strengthen your immune response to cold or flu.

Here’s a few more tips to keep in mind:

  • Go outside
  • Take 10 minutes to an hour for yourself in the morning
  • Meditate for 5 minutes 
  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Let light in your home
  • Move your body
  • Take a bath
  • Slow down
  • Pursue your passion
  • Surround yourself with good people

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