November 29, 2023

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Why you shouldn’t skip leg day

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Why you should not skip leg working day


Robinson Joel Nairobi demonstrates how to do a leg push on November 3, 2021. Image | LUCY WANJIRU | NMG



  • Acquiring a fantastic lessen physique is a desire for most fitness fanatics and all those procrastinating on setting up exercise routines up coming thirty day period or a 12 months following.
  • Having said that, completely wrong exercise routines may possibly give you a disproportionate body which is significant on the upper part and slimmer on the waist downwards.
  • Without having right training you may perhaps be remaining struggling from “chicken legs” or “Johny Bravo” syndrome.

Acquiring a great decreased physique is a desire for most health fanatics and all those procrastinating on beginning exercise routines following month or a 12 months after.

Having said that, wrong routines might give you a disproportionate entire body which is weighty on the upper portion and slimmer on the waist downwards.

Without the need of correct training you may well be remaining suffering from “chicken legs” or “Johny Bravo” syndrome.

Health trainer Robinson Joel, popularly acknowledged as Robby-Piyo, of AV Physical fitness Centre situated in Kilimani, Nairobi describes that three main factors contribute to health and fitness center-goers having an unbalanced physique.

The lessen human body kinds the greater muscle groups in the thighs, hips, and legs. This helps make it tough to see swift effects as is witnessed while performing exercises the higher system. Also, many individuals do not put in as much difficult do the job. The next element is people today do not get the job done for their entire body types.

“Not each and every decrease entire body training will perform for your system kind,” states Robinson.

The other component is lousy nutrition, but you hope speedy effects. He endorses that to tone and condition the reduced overall body, try to eat a lot of proteins and carbs in equivalent evaluate as effectively as some fat.

“You can’t be taking in as typical while instruction unusually. Load up on a whole lot of energy immediately after exercises such as macronutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. A superior meal will require some thing like roasted potatoes with hen breast and rice. Hen breast has a lot of protein,” claims the trainer.

Robinson describes that for one to have a very well-outlined lower physique, they need to have to mix explosive actions like box jumps, staggered cone jumps, and tyre hops with energy coaching.

He states that with these exercises, you are concentrating on a group of four muscles uncovered in the lessen system such as the hamstrings, the powerhouse muscles of the leg, on the back again of the thigh the quadriceps, normally recognized as the tear-drop muscle groups as they form the shape of a teardrop when perfectly-fashioned, on the front of the thigh the glutes on the butt and muscular tissues on the legs connected to the tibia and fibula.

Then there are the hip flexor muscle tissues which are liable for giving additional security for the duration of agile movements as perfectly as powering the legs through rapidly motions.

“A great lower body coaching routine will include all the 4 muscle mass teams. It is sensible that during a gymnasium leg exercise routine day, you under no circumstances incorporate it with any other training but purely emphasis on the four muscles,” he advises.

For nicely-toned legs, find a proper work out plan that seriously hundreds up on the calf muscular tissues to assistance them improve. To realize this, incorporate toughness education and explosive movements, which will lead to the muscle mass in the leg splitting.

“When you explode and bounce it is like carrying twice your physique bodyweight. This is why sprinters have the best calf muscle groups you can would like for. This is simply because their sprint teaching schedule entails a large amount of explosive actions,” he says.

Some of the strength schooling workout routines, claims trainer Robinson, include things like the pursuing:



This is a compound training to build legs and power up the belly space. For good strategy, make guaranteed the knees are in line or guiding the toes but not in entrance. The again have to be straight and footing flat with the legs a little broader than shoulder—width. If you want to develop the leg muscle tissues, then you have to go heavy on the squats. Increase weights when carrying out squats and do additional reps.

If the aim is just to chisel and tone the reduce human body, then do low-intensity superior reps of in between 15 and 20 with weights 3-quarters of an individual’s overall body bodyweight.

“There is no leg working day without the need of a squat. If you have a weak decrease back again, use a belt. The belt will help to equilibrium entrance and back again abdominal tension, ensuring the spine is in a good posture whilst squatting.”

Leg push equipment

This work out is a excellent substitute for the squat for those people with challenges executing squats. “The heavier you grow to be, the most difficult it is to adequately execute a squat. A leg push device is a superior substitute to avoid injuring your back although executing squats,” he states.

Sitting at a predetermined placement, load workable excess weight and then press whilst both angling your toes in different ways, both toe pointed in or out. A person can also isolate just about every leg at a time and see which is more powerful than the other to convey the weaker 1 up to velocity.

Leg extension


Robinson Joel demonstrates how to do a leg extension on November 3, 2021. Photo | LUCY WANJIRU | NMG

Robinson explains that there are distinctive techniques of carrying out this exercising. To start with, it is the posing sample where you go bit by bit up and then collapse down or the a person the place you go up then hold it for a couple of seconds just before decreasing them.

“Go hefty if you want to create or mature muscular tissues but gentle with greater reps if you want to tone the muscles.”

Hammer curl machine

This focuses additional on the hamstrings and is fantastic in isolating the powerhouse muscle tissues.

Calf elevate


Robinson says this work out hits the decreased calves and isolates them to have a better framework and not rooster legs even though not a lot of individuals like performing them.

Some others

There are other equipment-oriented exercise routines such as a kickback machine that targets the glutes, adductor and abductor which closely isolate the hip flexor muscle mass and are really common with female exercise enthusiasts.

The coach suggests kettle-bell sumo squats, goblet squats, lunge step up, dumbbell box action-ups, and dumbbell going for walks lunges as some of the most effective outdoors-machine physical exercises for a superior lessen entire body.