December 1, 2023

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How To Identify When You Might Need A Filling

Unfortunately, many people may need a filling at some point in their life, whether they have a healthy oral health routine or not. The important thing when it comes to fillings is knowing how to identify them, as the treatment will be much more affordable and straightforward if you catch it early! So, let’s get into it and find out how to identify when you might need a filling.

Go To Your Dentist

The first thing you should do to make sure you can identify when you need a filling as soon as possible is to go to your dentist. When you visit your dentist in Leamington Spa or LA every 6 months, this is the optimal amount of time for them to catch any signs of a cavity before it’s too late, meaning the treatment will be nice and straight forward and cheaper for you, too. If you leave it longer than 6 months, the cavity can slowly expand to the point where the pulp becomes damaged, which will then lead to you needing root canal treatment, which is much more painful and expensive. So, go to your dentist and they will be able to pick up any cavities as soon as possible, as well as a much wider range of other oral health problems. If you experience any concerns between appointments, get an appointment booked as soon as possible!

Consistent Toothache

One of the big signs that you might need a filling is when you are experiencing toothache. This could just be one tooth, or multiple teeth, however if you have persistent pain it is likely to be a sign of there being an issue, which if left unattended, can develop into something much more serious. So, don’t dismiss it when you have a toothache, make sure you go and get it checked by your dentist!

Bad Breath

Another sign that you may need a filling is if you are experiencing bad breath. This is because when a cavity has formed, it is common for bacteria to build up in the area, as well as for food to get lodged, which can then cause the bad breath in the mouth. This isn’t a sign that you definitely have cavities, however along with other symptoms, it is an indication. Next time you visit the dentist, make sure to mention this issue if it’s something that you are experiencing, as even if you don’t have a cavity, your dentist might be able to suggest products to help with the issue.


Last but not least, tooth sensitivity can also be a sign of a cavity developing, which will require a filling. The sensitivity can be caused by the bacteria gradually thinning down the enamel on the tooth and increasing exposure to the roots, so if you do experience sensitivity, it would definitely be worth mentioning to your public or private dentist. Again, even if it doesn’t turn out to be a cavity, they will be able to make suggestions on how to reduce the sensitivity so you can feel more comfortable.